For 2021…


As you noticed there is now also the Lifetime level added. As most of you members are lifetime not much will change. To give you access I need to make some adaptions in the older posts, if this is completed your VIP account will change into Life time.

I am now working on the repair of the links in premium 2013

Sinal into the 2nd decade! Get now the complete Sinal Collection!


The complete Sinal collection is now in the Cloud, easy to download in batches ( zips). Available to all lifetime members. Current members can now upgrade to lifetime for only the additional fee, € 350,- minus the contribution you already payed.

Important changes in 2018:
My primary file server was getting full. In order to create more space for new posts I will transfer all download files to the cloud. This means that the earlier years will only be available to  members. Further my site is now more exclusive for members only. Public previews will be smaller and mainly vissible to Basic ( free!) members, lateron this year there will be a stop on new members till further notice.
And, not forget to mention the new hardware I use since 2017.

Lifetime advantages:
– membership to back-up blog
– membership to the cloud with complete seperate back up and many other stuff
– Easy and fast all the sets in your possession

– Due to limited space ( 1TB ) on the main server, the earlier years wil be available only via the cloud
– In the cloud soon also will be added all video material from 1989 to 2006
– Acces to all files, also the earlier ons from 2006-2011

But lets not forget who made possible that Sinal stayed 15 years online!

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Important: Sinalphoto applies to the General Data Protection Regulation
You can read the privacy policy here

Fun edit 452b: Carravagio’s model


The great painters of the renaissance liked to pick up their models from the streets and they were happy to stay around for food, drinks and a roof above their head. In this way the painter had the oppertunity to make a close study of their model…..

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