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As you noticed, I started posting and working on my site again.
Different is that from now on no full size sample images are posted on my frontpage.
To obtain the fullsize preview images you can download these here ( a free basic membership is requiered ):

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Members news , Important!


2 major changes to my site are going on right now.

Change of the file server
For the last 3 months I was very busy transferring all the files to a new file server, I upgraded from 1 TB to 3 TB space.
The old servers was full and getting to expensive to maintain.
What does this mean to you?
All links to the old file server will become inactive next week, I need to replace the links in every download page.
You understand that is a massive pile of work, but….. next week I post on each page the masterlink to all sets.
Now you can easy select all sets in one go to download in an automaticly generated zip.
Eventually all links will be replaced and I noticed that some files aren’t there since the crash of january 2016, so this is a good oppertunity to put these back too.

Change of the site host
Update: the transfer to the new host is now completed, if you have questions, please comment on this post.
Mexcam informed me last week they will not continue to host the blog server and so the whole site will now transfer to a new host, with the help and support of Mexcam.
It is possible that you cannot reach during this transition, my appologies if this might happen. But all lifetime members can fall back to the mirror site ‘SinalVIP’ 🙂
Via SinalVIP lifetime members have also acces to the complete back up files in the ‘Sinal cloud’ .
The ‘Sinal cloud’ is always up to date and contains a copy direct from my drives, so missing sets are also there to find, plus lots of other stuff.

If you have any questions about this or need direction to ‘SinalVIP’ ( for lifetime members ) mail to or contact me via Skype ( i.d.: sinallanis )

I wish you all the best for 2018,
see you there 🙂

Note: The site has moved to a new host, if you have problems with the log in procedure or the captcha leave a reply on this post! (captcha = jtc )

Sinal into the 2nd decade! Get now the complete Sinal Collection!


The complete Sinal collection is now in the Cloud, easy to download in batches ( zips). Available to all lifetime members. Current members can now upgrade to lifetime for only the additional fee, € 350,- minus the contribution you already payed.

Important changes in 2017:
My primary file server is getting full. In order to create more space for new posts I will transfer all download files from 2006-2011 from the main server to the cloud. This means that the earlier years will only be available to life-time members. Further my site will become more exclusive for members only. Public previews will be smaller and lateron this year there will be a stop on new members till further notice.
And, not forget to mention the new hardware I use in 2017.

Lifetime advantages:
– membership to back-up blog
– membership to the cloud with complete seperate back up and many other stuff
– Easy and fast all the sets in your possession

– Due to limited space ( 1TB ) on the main server, the earlier years wil be available only via the cloud
– In the cloud soon also will be added all video material from 1989 to 2006
– Acces to all files, also the earlier ons from 2006-2011

But lets not forget who made possible that Sinal stayed over 10 years online!

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Promotion ( Sinals mirror blog is now fully operational and updated, life time members only )


Rejoin advantages to former members READ HERE (this is a permanent offer)

New option! Lifetime membership. READ HERE
Lifetime members also get acces to the “SinalVIP” site with a full copy off all download pages and exclusive acces to the “Sinal cloud”,
with again all content on an extra server. So you always can get the downloads!
If you bought a lifetime membership, pleasy apply.

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* Memberships available from € 7,92 monthly see the FAQ

New: XL-memberships, twice as long, lower in price

All files that where ever published are now online. Read HERE

Serious request to all old and new members! Read HERE

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