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All original files that where ever published are now online on my own dedicated server!
Your advantages:
10 times faster download as with those file hosters (if you where premium, not to mention the ages it would take for a free account)
– No need to pay extra for download speed, this is all in.
– No limits in how many users are downloading or how much they are downloading
– No waiting times or anoying captcha codes
– Downloaded files can be bigger
– No adds or pop ups
– No spyware or coockies
– More frequent updates and posts, because I can upload 10 times faster 🙂
– Files are getting better organized
– Finally its possible to get my complete collection on line, in all those years this was never the case. From now I accept new members!


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38 thoughts on “Sinal

  1. Hi there,

    I’m really impressed. Your blog is awesome! I’m telling you. I hope, you be able to continue your blog and please don’t let us alone. Unfortunately (Hotfile .com) is filtered in my country.

    Thank an ocean.

  2. Sinal,

    It would be great if you’d paginate your blog… there are too many pictures/posts on the front page, and my slow DSL connection cannot cope.

  3. Your eye and camera are both fantastic… thanks for sharing all your art with the world…

    I hope you always continue

  4. Where the … did Twink Cycle go?!
    Why on earth did they remove it? It wasn’t showing anything illegal, was it?! Not as far as I know!

    Such a shame …

  5. Hi there, ow do I send you some pics for you to post1 Ive got some cute New Zealand boys for u !


  6. Hi …

    I feel my self more into photography too … but I need good dslr and lens … I live in arab poor area …

    I had a blog that contains photos taken by others … and need to see photos of mine too …

    Please follow the donation link and help making my wish come true …

    ssdd …

  7. I think Sinal’s photos are always a matter of taste. Still once in a while he’s got some nice looking kids in front of his lens.

  8. This is a great site and I also would love to have you trade links. My site is all about gay acrobats and their (mis)adventures which I am slowly getting around to writing up. Your site is great and I’m putting in a link to you anyways!

    Keep up the good work 🙂

  9. I’m guessing you’re Dutch, calling Queens-day K-day 😉

    I’m wondering if you shoot pics at the Efteling… Just for fun / killing time. Or the first time ever gay-day they had second week of june (11th)…

    although ofcourse the pics might end up”off topic” (boys are men, or drag queens, which can also look beautiful, or over the top)

    I never had the pleasure to visit the Efteling but you wil find simular pics in my posts about Carnaval in the GC series and the Canal Parade in the GP series 🙂

  10. Is there any chance I could view your remarkable artwork. Your work is some of the finest on the planet. I would of course follow your perimeters can I see more of your remarkable achievements. Thank you very much. Robert

  11. Hello

    I love your great work, this I said to you in SK forum too 🙂
    But one question: Why you dont upload your stuff at zippyshare? Its much more comfortable to download there, you dont have a waiting time and you dont need to wait after each download a long time to load another album…

    Stay photographing, you are one of the greatest photographers in the world. Much respect from germany 🙂

  12. Hey Sinal I’m glad I have found your blog. I have missed you on the SK forum. I see you have left. I will however follow you here 🙂

  13. I am sorry to see that you are having problems with Hotfile. Quite a number of people have had problems with hotfile lately;’ It seems at times that a darkness is decending upon freedom of speech worldwide. The flimsy excuse of protecting morals is all to often cover to hide real agendas.

  14. I am always dazzled when I visit your site. Your beach photos in particular, jolt memories of wonderful moments experienced in my boyhood. These years growing up are definitely the best time of our lives. We were all immortal.
    Youth is truly beautiful. Love your work.

  15. thanks,good luck in your works. I really pleasured by watching them. It makes me hot some of them. pls take pics from **** boyd and some hidden relations between them specially cute and sexy boys, straight boys or with clothes or without them. tanq dear friend thanks

  16. Did I register with filesonic wrong? thought I did it so you would get credit.
    I also registered with the previous one. Guess you didn’t benefit from that either?
    Also how can I contribute? I think your work is so good.
    From: Filesonic Registration
    Sent: Thursday, September 22, 2011 11:04 AM
    To: …………
    Subject: – Registration Complete

    Registration Completed
    Your registration was completed successfully! Here is your login information:

    Username: ………………………..
    Temporary Password: …………….

    Best Regards,
    Filesonic Support Team

  17. Your site is absolutely fabulous. May I please receive the password for the protected parts of the site? I promise that I will not share with anyone.
    Great job. Alexei

  18. I would like to request information regarding obtaining a password to some galleries.
    thank you regards D

  19. Hi Sinal,
    I love your website; can you please let me know how I can obtain the password to view the protected posts ?
    Thanks and regards !

  20. Hello Dear Sinal,
    I like all your albums of this beautiful guy Harbour with his red speedo, I was wondering why suddenly you hide album to your donors (From what I understand) because the others have never been before.? I am so sad … If I had a credit card I would donate as well. But I have not and university costs me everything I earn money … Thank you and I continue to take your albums that I love.
    Protected: Boys in harbour, boy on the bridge
    Jeremy 22yo now since some weeks

  21. Please let me know how I can get a password for the protected pictures.
    Your site is wonderful!!!!!!!

  22. Sinal,
    Have-yo other regular member that noticed to you have problem with Rapdshre with a free account for download your nice albums for regular member ?

    Me I have ! The download don’t start ?
    I tryed five time with three differents albums after enter our password and open my Rapidshare account but nothinh work !

    I use Rapidshare since long time and never I had a problem.
    If you don’t know what answer I will try resolve the problem by myself…

    Thanks & HUHS

    • I can see according to the amount of downloads that files are downloaded. But some are not. Please point wich files gives poblems.

  23. Hi Sinal, I am working on my fourth novel and browsed the web in order to find a face I could connect with my main character, a young man who has been kidnapped at the age of fourteen and now is suffering from a social phobia. I found your picture “A long haired boy” and I knew at that same moment: There he is!
    The beautiful boy is now a source of inspiration to my work.
    I guess you won’t let me have his phone number ;-), but can you give me any information on him? I suppose you know him personally because this photograph is like a perfect composition, something you had to work for together.
    I’d love to have this picture as a cover photo if my novel will be published.
    All my books are about young men at the “beautiful age”, for just like you I am deeply fascinated by teens and twinks and their world. You use your camera, I use my language (which is German, by the way).
    Thanks a lot for your support; I’d really appreciate your contacting me (via website?).

  24. It seems to me that this site doesnt load up on a Motorola Droid. Are other folks getting the same problem? I enjoy this webpage and dont want to have to miss it whenever Im away from my computer.

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