About Sinal

Photography has become more than a hobby to me. As a young kid I started with video cameras and also used a Olympus OM10 to take pics. As a teenager I discovered my orientation for the same gender and started to video and take pics of my friends and boys nextdoor and at hollidays. Now at that age it is particulary difficult to get a “normal” picture from my subjects. If they spotted the camera they immediatley started to behave weird and making faces towards the lens. So I decided to make candids. With a straight forward camera that’s a hell of a job. A camcorder with a flippable LCD screen opened new ways to do that, but the stills where terrible of quality. With the todays cameras I have all oppertunities and with a professional DSLR I am confident enough to aproach people and to ask to pose for me. But there is nothing that can beat a good pic with natural behavior with non-posing subjects.

Worlds of beauty : A Tribute to the photographic art of Sinal.

Sinal’s world is the streets of European cities, the beaches of the Northern sea or of the Mediterranean sea. He is a hunter, a fisher of beautiful beings, of beauty and youth. He is a hunter and a fisher who just catch youth and beauty, but he leaves his prey safe and alive, and most of the time, unaware of his hunting… He just captures light and shades, colours and outlines. Sinal is a photographer.

Sinal’s world is habited by the ephemeral beauty of youth, so present, so fragile, time is flying away, the photographer should catch the present, the beauty that is, and that will not last forever.

Boys, teens and twinks are the species Sinal is trying to find in the jungle of our cities, along the shores of our oceans. Either walking or sitting down, dancing or playing, alone or gathered in group, the young male beauty Sinal is interested in are strange beings. Their clothes have all the colours of the rainbow and even beyond, pink and blue, yellow and red, black and white. They love fashion, tee-shirts with odd inscriptions. They can’t stay very long without caressing a mobile phone or an Ipod, without having a drink or a snack.

Sinal loves to catch their beauty, the light in their hairs, eyes looking far away or deep inside the soul, fugitive expressions of sadness, or smiles shining as a sun through a Northern sky.

Each photograph by Sinal tells a story, or rather, it invites the viewer to imagine a story. What is hidden under such cute faces, under so gorgeous bodies ? What are the thoughts, the memories, the dreams going across a face as clouds across the sky ? Joys and pains, hopes and memories, feelings and sensations, fun or boredom, energy or lassitude : faces expression, body attitudes, the language of eyes, the pout of lips are catched by Sinal’s eye and camera and fixed forever, as enigmas the viewer will try to decipher.

Looking at Sinal’s splendid photographic albums, I share his gaze, I can walk across the same streets, along the same beaches. I feel the sun and the wind, the clouds and the rain. People walk around me, there is such a crowd in the street. Perhaps there is a show by a street artist, or just fashion shops attracting the youth. My attention is drawn by a face, by a silhouette, by a smile, by a cap, by a trendy tee-shirt, by beautiful legs, by golden hairs, by the grace of a boy shining like the sun. Looking at Sinal’s albums is caressing with my eyes teen and twinks I will never meet, but who will stay in my dreams : I would have so much to tell them ; I would love so much to hear from them, their life, their own story, their feelings.

Sinal’s albums introduce us into what is the most intimate part of the boys, teen and twinks he met : the beauty a soul, the grace of a body, the seduction of a unique human being who crossed the path of a photographer who was lucky enough to catch a part of his aura.

The albums Sinal generously shares with us touch the most sensitive part of the viewers, his heart, his inner feelings, his memories, his hopes. When Sinal’s music meets the viewer’s eyes, there is a harmony of feelings and desires, of dreams and longings : I would say that some of Sinal’s photographs add colours, an horizon, a perspective to our own inner paintings.

Love and desire, dreams and intimacy, admiration and brotherhood, deep sympathy and wonder are some of the feelings that Sinal’s photographic art inspire me.

His anonymous models are just silhouettes fading away, close encounters that will not happen again… Evanescent and fragile like shades on a wall, this archive of boys beauty lead the viewer, step by step, to love beauty, and not only the boys.

Thank you so much for the so many harmonics, for the feelings and dreams that your blog provides me with.


Ten years already… Sinal’s Original photography of the beauty of the young male is now a unique archive of youth and beauty, of candid photographs of teen and twink boys in various European beaches and cities…

No porn, no nudity, all the pics are G-rated…

Beaches and streets, parks and touristic sites are theaters of grace and innocence, of a unique choreography of beauty… They are like a virtual museum of young male beauty, of what makes a boy’s beauty unique, his face expressions, his hair, his clothing style, his body, pale or tanned, between sun and sea…

Those “stolen” pics — although most of the time the boys were aware of the presence of a photographer, and sometimes played with him — catch unique moments of life, of energy, of happiness, feelings of freedom, thoughts mirrored by a gaze, like clouds crossing a sky…

Sinal’s pics are, so to say, the dreamt memories of all the lovers of beauty, who notice a blond hair caressed by the wind, beautiful eyes, lost in inner contemplation, or just the casual look of late teen boys walking in the street, having fun with their friends…

Sinal’s pics could be used by anthropologists of the next century, to understand the way of life of youth in European cities, their games and their social rules, their clothing style, their use of magical objects such as smartphones and mp3 players…

For me, Sinal’s albums are visual poems, visual stories, where I am free to find my own words to express the unique feelings they inspire…

In the world of Sinal, viewers are as creative as the photographer: they share obviously the same gaze and they hear the same harmonics….

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