Many pictures presented in my blog are taken by me personally, some are handed over to me from other original photographers and some are found on the web. If there is any picture with a copyright issue you can aply for having it removed it from my blog. I do not take any responsability for the content of linked sites or blogs. I also do not take responsability for the content of sites or blogs who place the url of my blog on theirs. Though this site is gay orientated the sexual orientation or proclivity of anyone pictured is neither expressed nor implied by the inclusion of these images.
This site nore my other blogs or cloud contain copyrighted images or images with nudity!

13 thoughts on “Disclaimer

  1. Hi. I’ve the same question. :). How does one get a password to you great collection of photos?

  2. bonjour . je ne trouve pas sur votre blog comment obtenir 1 passeport . depuis plusieurs moi je recherche sans trouver . je vous remercie de votre réponse .

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