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  1. Hi Sinal,
    I am a member of your “old” Premium group, and would like to join your “new” Premium group. Please let me know what I have to do to join this new, and excellent site.


  2. Outstanding pics again sinal, the ‘City Boys Portraits’ 13
    and the Dtour part 2 in particular! Many thanks for sharing these

  3. If we can’t any longer download from RapidShare, there is no longer any point in subscribing to this site, unless you change your file host to one that allows your VIPs, Members (premium)) and Members (Regular) to download easily and without waiting times. Your material will be unseen. We will be deprived of your splendid work..

    What is RapidShare thinking?

    Sinal, what are you going to do?

  4. When I attempt to download, this is the message I get:

    Download not available
    File owner’s public traffic exhausted.
    End of Quote

    This is Rapidshare’s new policy which you foreshadowed a few weeks ago

  5. Further Information from another source:
    It doesn’t matter at all whether you are a premium member or not, or whether you’ve downloaded a little or a lot …. the daily traffic limit is based on the account of the poster — 1 GB can be downloaded from the account of a mere mortal, 30 GB from a premium account.

    So, Sinal, if you don’t have a premium Rapidshare account, we can only get 1 GB per day, and even if you have a Premium a/c, we can only get 30 GB per day – which means hardly anybody will get your (large) files.

    One suggestion I’ve seen elsewhere:
    “The only way I can see around this is for multiple premium account holders to record each other as contacts, in which case they can share files without limits.”

  6. Been absent for a while, the last 5 sets have been as usual

    Fantastic! Thanks for all your hard work

  7. I cannot imagine the amount of “work” you have put into this site. However, I can tell you that it is excellent and much appreciated. Hugs

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