Serious upgrade in equipment


In earlier messages I informed you about the intention to upgrade my tools. In spite of lack in donations I succeeded to do so. But you are free to show your appreciation if you like the new quality in the coming 2017 series 🙂

Here some samples of the first test shoot, members can download the complete file:

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Sinal into the 2nd decade! Get now the complete Sinal Collection!


The complete Sinal collection is now in the Cloud, easy to download in batches ( zips). Available to all lifetime members. Current members can now upgrade to lifetime for only the additional fee, € 350,- minus the contribution you already payed.

Important changes in 2017:
My primary file server is getting full. In order to create more space for new posts I will transfer all download files from 2006-2011 from the main server to the cloud. This means that the earlier years will only be available to life-time members. Further my site will become more exclusive for members only. Public previews will be smaller and lateron this year there will be a stop on new members till further notice.
And, not forget to mention the new hardware I use in 2017.

Lifetime advantages:
– membership to back-up blog
– membership to the cloud with complete seperate back up and many other stuff
– Easy and fast all the sets in your possession

– Due to limited space ( 1TB ) on the main server, the earlier years wil be available only via the cloud
– In the cloud soon also will be added all video material from 1989 to 2006
– Acces to all files, also the earlier ons from 2006-2011

But lets not forget who made possible that Sinal stayed over 10 years online!

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