Update……what keeps me busy.

Some of you know me from the start some 4 years ago. I lost the count of all the re-uploads, and I wasn’t even ready with the last one. But I like to go ahead and the recent posts are with new stuff, not re-uploads. Every day I wil add some re-uploads too. Remember, if you go back my blog, down from may 2011 the old Hotfiles are still active.

I also answer to requests of certain files you like to see earlier, just mail me the link of the post.

And of course my gratitude to all your supporting comments and donations, that gives me the energy and motivation to push that rock up the mountain again.

Searching for a new format

Its been a while since I posted a new file. All the effort of re-uploading files was for nothing. I can start all over again. There  was almost 150 GB online!

I stil have not made up my mind yet in what way I share files with you in the future but I have a rough idea what I want and I wil do some experiments.

Besides that  there is a lot of unpublished material, the new photo season is aproaching fast. I wil have to make choises, It is becoming impossible to share everything with you, its simply to much. So the files wil be smaller but contain the best pics of a shoot.

Then I wil post, as always the previews on this blog but no download links. The links wil be on extra pages,

If you already bought a membership, you are considdered a Premium Member and the pass wil be the same as you know already till june 1st of 2012. For all others who like to download the files, you wil have to apply for the pass, but the contribution wil be low cost.

This is probably a  temporary setup, but do not worrie if you just donated, you are already a premium member!