Is the content in the protected parts legal? Yes, if anyone wants to know, yes! There is no porn or nude or questionable stuff inside, neither copyrighted stuff.

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Europe and non Europe inhabitants can now pay with  Wester Union My experience now that this is the fastest way for non-Europeans 🙂
Additionally I can  accept bankwires from citizens living in the so called SEPA ( Single Euro Payments Area) countries, at this moment there are 33 countries connected) . Apply via the contact form . I mail you back with the payment details.

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Several countries in Asia and East of Europe are now banned, sorry for the inconveiniance.
Due to attacks these countries where blocked, if you still cannot log in you’re in one of the bad countries 🙁 ( let me know )
The following countries are banned from the Mexcam sites: RO,MD,VN,BY,IN,KR,IR,RU,BG,KZ,RS,UA,AM,SG,TW

* Why do I have to pay for membership and how much does it cost? There are several reasons why you have to register and to pay a small fee. One of those is just to know that you are a legitimate person I do business with, but the most important is that quality does not come for free. Not only the hardware I use cost a little fortune and needs replacement on a regular basis just because the outside environment is not so friendly to photo equipment. But I put a great deal of time and effort in creating the images. Not to mention the time I spent behind the computer. Further more I have to pay for the site hosting and filehosting. A 1TB dedicated server with high download speed does not come cheap.

Prices ( list valid till Dec. 31- 2017):

Trial € 10,- for 5 days period of your choise, Regular-acces only, cleared if you sign up for:

Regular € 40,- for 3 months / Regular-XL € 70,- 6 months (acces to all Regular posts and hundreds full size zip files and Premium preview posts)

Premium € 70,- for 4 months / Premium-XL € 120,- 8 months (acces to all Regular and Premium posts and full size zip files and VIP preview posts)

VIP € 120,- 12 months / VIP-XL € 190,- 24 months ( € 7,92 per month, best deal) (acces to all posts and all full size zip files ) Private chat with me optional.

New option! Lifetime membership.
Since 2006 my site has been continious online (it only switched from hosts 2 times)
Now you can get a lifetime membership for only € 350,-*
– No more expired memberships
– Now the “Sinal Cloud” is launched, browse to the files as it where on your own external drive and acces to all unpublished stuff and other original collections. There is far more than I can ever publish. Tons of extra stuff!
* No 10% extra charge for direct creditcards payments

Earlier initial membership fees ( trial fees) will be cleared with rejoinments, to reach lifetime membership status!
Note: upgrading membership within 2 weeks is possible, no additional costs.

Rejoin advantages:
Re-join as a former Regular and you will get a Premium membership (4 months, XL 8 months)
Re-join as a former Premium and you will get a VIP membership (6 months, XL 12 months)
3 times a VIP (12 months) membership and you have become a lifetime member! ( or 2 times VIP-XL )
Note: you cannot register yourself to my site, I do that for you after aproval.

* Special rates for rejoining old members! Use the contact form  and refer with your old username.

What do I get if I become a member? You will get access to the protected posts and the pages that contain the zip files to download the complete photo sets from the previews featured in the posts on the main page. The pictures are shot in 15 or 18 Mp, so in High resolution.

What is the difference between Regular and Premium? The site is one big preview, just browse through it and you get the idea.

* Too many failed log in attempts:  The  membership system notes your IP adress, if you try to log in before your payment has been completed you get locked out for a certain time. Log in problemms will be adressed within 24 hours or sooner.

*Are there other expenses to expect like buying accounts to a file hoster or needed software?

No! My files are hosted on a dedicated server so you can freely download in high speed. I asume you alread have a Zip programm installed on your computer to un-pack the zipped files, I make use of WinRar but there a many others. Anyway if you like to receive files from a photo blog or website you need a Zip programm.

* I registered but I cannot log in! For some reason the payment was not completed. Inactive or expired accounts will be deleted so you can register again. Let me know if you experience this problem, so I can help you asap.

You cannot register yourself, you need to apply by email.

I do protected posts because some narrow minded people started to complain and also they tried to get my files deleted on the hosts sites. Now there is nothing wrong with my photography and I always keep in mind that for example you could show these pics to your Grand Mother under the Christmas tree. (100% legal and G-rated)
A lot of people do appreciate my photography and supported me one way or the other. To do something back for those supporters I make these nice extra files. If you like to be part of this small privileged group you can become a member or do a  donation.

* How to un-zip a file?

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