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Cristian on said: beautifull blog

mike on said: outstanding photography!

Hubert on said: Great blog, with extraordinairy pictures. Beautiful and best quality. A membership is recommended

adam elf on said:  THe most amazing website of the most amazing boys. Beautiful Dutch and Spanish specimens. Well worth joining.

Jeremy 22yo on said: Hello Sinal,
The spring is there and I dream to put my new speedo for go on the beach for having fun. I liked so much your album “Some sort of beachtennis” because both are similar to me when I play to beach tennis. I’m always your great fan with 94 albums of you in my PC.
Your pics are always awesome :)
You are my best

QuercusI on said: Beautiful blog, Nice boys


T.A. on said: Hi Sinal, I am working on my fourth novel and browsed the web in order to find a face I could connect with my main character, a young man who has been kidnapped at the age of fourteen and now is suffering from a social phobia. I found your picture “A long haired boy” and I knew at that same moment: There he is!

The beautiful boy is now a source of inspiration to my work.
I guess you won’t let me have his phone number ;-) , but can you give me any information on him? I suppose you know him personally because this photograph is like a perfect composition, something you had to work for together.
I’d love to have this picture as a cover photo if my novel will be published.
All my books are about young men at the “beautiful age”, for just like you I am deeply fascinated by teens and twinks and their world. You use your camera, I use my language (which is German, by the way).
Thanks a lot for your support; I’d really appreciate your contacting me (via website?).


Dante008 on said: I am always dazzled when I visit your site. Your beach photos in particular, jolt memories of wonderful moments experienced in my boyhood. These years growing up are definitely the best time of our lives. We were all immortal.

Youth is truly beautiful. Love your work.


Mathieub on said: Hey Sinal I’m glad I have found your blog. I have missed you on the SK forum. I see you have left. I will however follow you here :)
tony cavanagh on said: This is a great site and I also would love to have you trade links. My site is all about gay acrobats and their (mis)adventures which I am slowly getting around to writing up. Your site is great and I’m putting in a link to you anyways!

Keep up the good work :-)


rwerner2010 on said: I think Sinal’s photos are always a matter of taste. Still once in a while he’s got some nice looking kids in front of his lens
Tom on said: Your eye and camera are both fantastic… thanks for sharing all your art with the world…

I hope you always continue


PSR on said: I think your blog is one of the best.

I’m really impressed. Your blog is awesome! I’m telling you. I hope, you be able to continue your blog and please don’t let us alone. Unfortunately (Hotfile .com) is filtered in my country.

Thank an ocean.


The address of milkboys changed to

It would be super if you could update any links in your blogroll :)

Thanks heaps!

Jane on said: Just wanted to say, that I really like your pictures! especially the ones with long haired boys :) There can´t be enough of them! How about taking pictures at hair-salons or barbershops!?

That would be great!


I like your pictures and I have added your blog at my bloglist. Would you like to put my link at yours?
Thank you very much,

P.S. Halien sends hello to you


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