Sinal cloud

Now available to all lifetime members! 

The Sinal Mirror blog ” Sinal-Vip* ”  with complete backup of all the downloadpages from the official site and…. access to the Sinal cloud, with yet a complete backup of all Sinals files on a different file server.

  • The mirror blog is not linked here an on ivitation only, if you have a lifetime membership you received the invite or apply to drop a message !

– Complete extra backup of all my download-zip-files and more
– Also the the full versions of all folders
– Many unpublished stuff
– Be the first to see, see my pics before editing or publishing
Huge amount of other photographers material!
– Complete backup of the Sinal Collection ( 1,2 TB ) and extras, easy and fast to download in zip-batches
Important changes in 2017:
My primary file server is getting full. In order to create more space for new posts I will transfer all download files from 2006-2011 from the main server to the cloud.
This means that the earlier years will only be available to life-time members.
Further my site will become more exclusive for members only.
Public previews will be smaller and lateron this year there will be a stop on new members till further notice.

(all content legal)

Upgrade to lifetime now:
Normal price € 350,-

* Important, the amounts of your earlier membership purchases will be cleared with, so most of you will pay a lot less.